Bernhard at his bakery 1957

Bernhard at his bakery, 1957

My name is Anat Leshem Feldsher and baking is my passion. Each week I get to live my passion by bringing to life our old family recipe for rich and soft challah bread. 

Who is Bernhard, you might ask? Bernhard was my grandfather. He came to San Francisco a few years before the Golden Gate bridge construction began, to pursue his own passion for baking. Each time I dig my hands into the soft and fluffy dough and braid the challah, I feel his spirit run through me and I'm delighted to carry on the family tradition. 


Photos by Efrat Morag


Is your Challah and/or other products Kosher?

Hmm.. no, they are not. Sorry.

Does your Challah have dairy in it?

Yes it does! that’s part of the magic and what keeps our Challah all soft and fluffy.

Can I still order for this Friday?

If you can’t see this Friday’s date in the announcement bar at the top of the site, we are probably fully booked already. If you keep forgetting to order in time you can sign up here for text reminders a few hours before we close orders every week.

What’s the best way to keep the Challah fresh for the next day?

Glad you asked. Bernhard does not use preservatives so we recommend enjoying your bread as soon as possible. Our breads can be frozen in an airtight freezer bag (included) for several weeks. Please allow 4 hours to thaw your bread in room temperature before serving, and please don’t refrigerate your bread, it doesn’t like it.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Afraid not. We work with pre-orders only.

What is your delivery zone?

We cover multiple cities around south bay but it’s just best to check out this map.

How can I get your stuff if I live outside of your delivery zone?

You can pick up from the Eva Sweets store on 3716 Florence St, Redwood City. Just select Delivery City=Pickup in the checkout form.

Do I need to be home to receive the order?

We don’t mind if you’re at home but you don’t have to be. We will leave the goods outside your door (kinda like an Amazon, only for Challah). And don’t worry, we put everything in a sealed bag to keep the squirrels away!

What if I ordered spreads and I am not at home to receive your order?

If you know you are not going to be home early, we appreciate if you can leave a cooler box outside your door with a few ice packs, and we will place the spreads there.

When can I expect to receive my order?

We can’t know for sure. We have multiple stops on our delivery route. We start from Redwood City and work our way down towards south bay, and it takes a few hours.. We should be at your house by 3pm, at the latest.